Thyme Tea for respiratory system disorders ( lung diseases) .

  image  (Thymus vulgaris)

Thyme tea is very effective in treating asthma and bacterial infection pneumonia and other respiratory ailments. It encourages calm and unrestricted air flow, healthy and clear lungs. Calms and soothes distressed tissue it also Promotes vitality and healthy immune responses

thyme produces powerful antiseptic essential oils which are classified as naturally antibiotic and anti-fungal. thyme tea has the power to chase away and eliminate evil bacteria and viruses.

Thyme has been used as a lung remedy consumed since antiquity and is used extensively to day to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections. 

Its expectorant action also helps clear the air passage of excess saliva and mucous that is coughed up off an infected lung. 

Thyme is antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, anti-viral, digestive stimulant, diuretic (mild), expectorant, hypertensive, neurotonic, sexual tonic, kidney tonic, skin tonic, mood lifter, mind balancer, and energizer. 

Thyme is also effective in improving the following conditions: Pneumonia, Colds, Cough,Congestion and/or infection of the lungs, tonsillitis, laryngitis, asthma, eases abdominal distention, and relieves intestinal gas. It can benefit chronic fatigue, shallow breathing, infections of the bladder and kidneys, Anthrax, chronic coughs, and bronchitis, especially when there is a wet cough. Flu symptoms are relieved along with the chills and the muscular aches and pains. Other areas that Thyme has proven effective; infectious colitis, cystitis, dermatitis, pleurisy, psoriasis, sciatica, tuberculosis, vaginal candida, depression, digestion, physical weakness after illness, headaches, immunological functions, insomnia, snoring, wounds and viruses along the spine.   


Thyme combats infection and improves immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells. European physicians prescribe Thyme Oil for bronchitis, colds, coughs, the flu, laryngitis, sinusitis, sore throats, tonsillitis and whooping cough. Thyme reduces the inflammation and irritation of skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis, as well as eczema and other types of dermatitis. It can accelerate the healing of bruises, burns, cuts, sores, and wounds.

thyme can also be consumed in soups; see Minestrone Soup Recipe.

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